Tailor-made Services

Planning and implementing business trips, missions and study tours often require resources and it can therefore be a great advantage to let a professional organiser with an extensive knowledge about both the Finnish and Vietnamese society, language and culture make all the arrangements. This way, clients are ensured a programme that is based on the qualifications of the participants and their specific professional needs.

ARC organises professional business trips, missions and study tours in Finland and Vietnam for business people, officials and other partners. In close cooperation with our clients, we plan and arrange intensive study and meeting programmes, organise interpreters and take care of all the practical details. This ensures the optimal framework for an efficient and successful visit to the countries.

ARC has a wide network of contacts with both Finnish and Vietnamese authorities, and our consultants have many years of experience in cooperating with authorities, companies and organisations at all levels.

Depending on the specific needs of the client, ARC carries out business trips and mission tours as a whole or in part.

  • Identification of relevant contacts

  • Market survey

  • Organisation of professional programme

  • Consulting and preparatory arrangements prior to departure

  • Transportation and accommodation

  • Translation into Vietnamese, English and Finnish.

  • Interpretation into Vietnamese, English and Finnish

  • Events arrangements

  • Budgeting and accounting, evaluation and follow-up.